Scott Family Farms


To place an order, contact us by phone or email.
Orders can be picked up at the farm or at the Brazos Valley Farmer's Market every Saturday from 8am-12pm.



Our hens are raised to roam freely over 30 acres of grassy pasture, eating their natural diet of plants and insects. When needed, we supplement with a premium quality non-GMO, soy-free, and corn-free feed. 
Currently, we only offer eggs by the dozen. Stay tuned for updates on a new product - chicken!



Our Red Wattle pigs are raised in their natural habitat of wooded area, where they love to root about. They are supplemented with a premium quality feed. 
We offer all standard cuts of pork.



Meet Marabelle! She is our family dairy cow. When not peeking in our windows, she is roaming about with her friends in the back pasture.
Our cattle are only supplemented in the winter, when grass is scarce.
We offer all standard cuts of beef, including organ meat.